Cotiviti to Present at 2021 Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference

Executive Vice President Nicole Neumarker will showcase company’s work leveraging predictive data analytics and AI to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Nicole NeumarkerSALT LAKE CITY, February 16, 2021 – Cotiviti, a leader in data-driven healthcare solutions, will share strategies for applying advanced analytics to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at AcademyHealth’s 2021 Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference. Cotiviti executive vice president of development and innovation Nicole Neumarker will highlight the process and practices of creating rich healthcare data platforms in the session “Leveraging Predictive Data Analytics and AI to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

In the session, Neumarker will highlight the crucial role that AI and analytics have played in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing from Cotiviti’s work leveraging its datasets and analytics capabilities to effectively forecast COVID-19 spread and severity with a high degree of accuracy. Neumarker will detail the formation of the company’s COVID-19 Outbreak and Health Risk Tracker maps, which apply AI algorithms on medical claims data to predict emerging areas of outbreak as well as populations at high risk of severe infection.

“We knew early on that the United States could not grasp the full scope of the COVID-19 crisis with testing and contact tracing alone, so at Cotiviti we set out to unlock more robust insights into COVID infection patterns using existing health data and predictive analytics,” said Neumarker. “As we’ve shown with our COVID-19 Outbreak and Health Risk Tracker maps, AI can help us better understand and prepare for the spread of the virus. I am eager to share our journey creating the healthcare data platform that fuels our COVID-19 trackers with the Health Datapalooza audience.”

In addition to the COVID-19 trackers, Neumarker will introduce Caspian Clarity: the data platform fueling the maps. Representing one of the most longitudinal datasets in healthcare and containing data of approximately 60% of all U.S. healthcare transactions, Caspian provides critical insights on healthcare cost and quality to help health plans and other stakeholders optimize key areas such as claim payment integrity, risk adjustment analytics, and quality improvement.

The presentation will also describe Cotiviti’s journey creating Caspian and will contextualize it within broader industry shifts, such as payer/provider data migrating to the cloud and the emergence of healthcare platforms as service from tech companies like Google and Amazon. Neumarker will share personal anecdotes from her cloud computing experiences to underscore the significant technological advances in the space, and how these innovations set the scene for Cotiviti’s work building its unified data and analytics ecosystem of 140 million longitudinal patient records.

Neumarker’s session, “Leveraging Predictive Data Analytics and AI to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic,” will take place virtually on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 from 1:30–2:30 PM ET.

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Cotiviti is a leading solutions and analytics company that is reshaping the economics of healthcare, helping its clients uncover new opportunities to unlock value. Cotiviti’s solutions are a critical foundation for healthcare payers in their mission to lower healthcare costs and improve quality through higher performing payment accuracy, quality improvement, risk adjustment, and network performance management programs. Cotiviti’s healthcare solutions are powered by Caspian Clarity, a proprietary data and analytics platform spanning thousands of unique member and provider data types across financial and clinical domains, representing the most comprehensive longitudinal data set in healthcare. The company also supports the retail industry with data management and recovery audit services that improve business outcomes. For more information, visit

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