Imagine what’s possible with the power of Caspian Clarity.


What if you could leverage data across the full spectrum of your claims payment, risk adjustment, and quality improvement programs to pay providers based on their clinical outcomes? Or access a complete view of a member's medical journey the day they enroll in your plan to close gaps in care and improve outcomes?

With Caspian Clarity from Cotiviti, these things and more become possible.

Caspian is a unique data and analytics ecosystem that represents the most comprehensive and diverse longitudinal health data set available. Unlike other platforms that only access financial data, Caspian combines financial and clinical information alongside a vast array of other healthcare data types, such as social determinants of health, medical records, pharmacy, dental, and lab information. Cotiviti has further built a single patient identifier for driving information veracity and interoperability, long lacking in many corners of the healthcare industry. With this information, Cotiviti provides an all-encompassing view of the member in order to help health plans and providers have access to actionable information at their fingertips.

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