COB Validation

Achieve greater accuracy from prospective and retrospective COB determinations


The facts

Health plans face a major challenge in acquiring valid and accurate member data to coordinate benefits in a timely manner. Overpayments can happen when information gaps develop between members, providers, employers, and payers. Unfortunately, payment integrity programs often do not have the bandwidth, data analytics, and industry expertise to maximize their cost-savings potential in this specific area.

Cotiviti’s COB Validation solution delivers prospective and retrospective claim review for other party liability and deep and broad coordination of benefits (COB) determinations. We provide thorough review and analysis of contracts, eligibility files, third-party benefits agreements, and other data sources to determine COB and payment responsibility. We target members with a high probability of Medicare coverage using custom analytics, validate eligibility with Medicare, and work with providers to refile claims with Medicare. Our 20+ years of expertise in this specific area allows us to identify complex COB issues beyond any payment integrity vendors and programs that our clients may have in place. From this identification process, we build a store of comprehensive eligibility data and analytics that identify other commercial payer responsibilities.


Go beyond existing payment integrity vendors and programs to identify complex COB issues

Analyze more members and claim types, spanning across all medical products

Identify members with a high probability of Medicare coverage or other commercial coverage using proprietary analytics

Uncover high-value overpayment findings through a combination of analytics and subject matter expertise

Achieve greater savings with prospective COB validation

Available as an add-on, prospective COB validation can move 30 to 40 percent of post-pay review forward to look at members and paid claim types across all medical insurance products with a low total cost of ownership. Payers can expect a 15 to 20 percent increase in program value1 by adding prospective COB validation due to increased conversions and decreased administrative costs.


Dig deeper with our proprietary analytics

We use precision analytics embedded within your payment integrity program to deliver unique overpayment findings, looking at more claim types than industry peers and digging deeper. The COB audit concepts we target include Medicare dual eligibility; age, end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and disability entitlement; commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid coverage; maternity; newborn enrollment; and retiree benefits. Our automated COB tracker ensures that once identified, a coordination case is corrected in your payment system and claims are paid correctly going forward.


Get expert help to identify potential inaccuracies

Cotiviti focuses on hiring and retaining talented subject matter experts who combine their industry knowledge with an advanced understanding of your operating environment and strategic priorities. Our experts can help you make the most of our analytics, providing high-quality results that minimize your own resource use.

1Based on claim data analysis of current retrospective COB Validation clients. Actual results may vary.

Feel confident with proven results

Cotiviti applies a combination of advanced analytics and the expertise of clinically experienced professionals to review complex scenarios that often slip through audits, which allows us to deliver differentiated results to our clients. We are a trusted partner to five of the top six health plans in the country, and offer a proven track record of providing significant incremental savings.


Results that speak for themselves

More than $390 million in annual cost savings generated for clients, including specialty drugs covered under medical benefits

More than 80 percent of overpaid findings on average collected and realized as cost savings

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