About Cotiviti

Cotiviti. A history of results. A vision for the future.

In a complex environment, attention to detail is essential. Every transaction, contract and relationship is a potential source of additional value – if a company can make certain that every interaction is accurate and what’s promised is delivered. That’s what Cotiviti does. Leveraging sophisticated analytics and technology, our experts dig into complex data streams to uncover financial opportunity in places that are hard for our clients to reach.

Cotiviti is a recognized leader in payment accuracy solutions for major healthcare payers in the U.S., along with audit and recovery for top retailers across the U.S., U.K. and Canada. We’re a dynamic, global company that combines the complementary strengths, cultures and values of two trusted client partners: Connolly and iHealth Technologies.

Cotiviti represents decades of experience, industry expertise, best practices, technology and analytics, all directed toward a single purpose: to unlock value for our clients in healthcare and retail. We’re moving ahead, investing in our clients’ future and exploring new paths to financial results – applying analytics to generate deeper insights, constantly seeking improvements, and building a collaborative worldwide team that brings innovative solutions to every client challenge.

At Cotiviti, we’re changing the way our clients look at payment accuracy


A growing set of analytic capabilities reveals patterns, trends and incongruities in complex data streams.


Analytic findings are combined with unmatched industry knowledge and innovative best practices. The result: actionable information that leads to positive business outcomes.


The unique ability to dive into hard-to-reach places unlocks value that can range from outstanding financial results to business optimization.

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