Watch our demo series and learn how it applies to your role on the quality team

Annual HEDIS® reporting has long been a critical process for health plans. But efficiently improving quality starts with streamlining the operations that surround it. This is why Cotiviti created Quality Reporter Web.

The web-based Quality Reporter Web (or QR Web) solution combines HEDIS requirements with top insights to provide a holistic view of your quality improvement opportunities. QR Web allows your quality team to:

  • Optimize resources and enhance productivity with efficiency

  • Adapt through flexible and configurable workflows, reporting, and goal tracking

  • Access real time compliance insights, updates, and opportunities

  • Integrate with retrieval management and abstraction

Demo series lineup

In a video demo series, we’re outlining how this solution can benefit four particular roles: Director of Quality Improvement, Reporting Analyst, Abstraction Manager, Retrieval Agent and Abstractor.

We’ll be releasing one video each week to showcase the possibilities for Quality Improvement within your organization. Check back weekly to see QR Web in action and how it can apply to specific roles within your quality team.

Why tune in?

  • Learn: Explore how QR Web can specifically help with quality challenges

  • Strategize: Get inspiration for extending quality efforts beyond HEDIS requirements

  • Innovate: Capture transformative ideas to improve clinical and financial outcomes


Director of quality improvement

Video demo


In this first demo, take a look at how QR Web can help directors of quality improvement to track overall project health and progress toward strategic initiatives. For those in this role, we’ve introduced a new executive dashboard functionality providing at-a-glance KPIs for overall program operations and progress to key milestones and goals.

See how QR Web enables you to:

  • Gather strategic performance insights from metrics and top priority measures

  • Check HEDIS at-a-glance by seeing reviews, samples, overreads, and total membership

  • Track timelines for upcoming key milestones—QR Web includes NCQA milestones by default

Watch the demo


Abstraction manager

Video demo


Efficiency is key for abstraction managers, managing multiple resources through a multi-step process. Being able to query and report is critical, and configurability to specific workflows a necessity. QR Web can help keep operations efficient while following the retrieval and abstraction workflows that work best for a specific plan.

See how QR Web enables you to:

  • Enhance the Medical Record Review (MRR) grid with more than 100 advanced filters

  • Configure custom fields, data collection templates, and more

  • Set up views for team members for easy access

Watch the demo


Reporting analyst

Video demo 


Learn how QR Web can benefit reporting analysts, who are constantly challenged with providing the best information possible while also investigating the reasons behind it. Flexibility and access to deep data is crucial for the support and investigation needed within this role—and QR Web can provide it.

See how QR Web enables you to:

  • Streamline operations with centralized report management

  • Export measure summary and measure details with ease

  • Customize ad hoc SQL reports that bridge both technical and business worlds

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Retrieval agent and abstractor

Video demo


Speed is of the essence for retrieval agents and abstractors. The faster a record is retrieved, the faster it can be abstracted, and the faster a hybrid compliance can be achieved. Reducing retrieval time is paramount and being able to communicate and address compliance details is vital. QR Web can help speed and optimize this process.

See how QR Web enables you to:

  • Streamline records with quality intelligence integration

  • Monitor hybrid measures with real-time compliance, workflow status, and two-way communication

  • View annotated medical records for granular insights

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