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Our outbreak tracker helps forecast which states and counties may be impacted in the immediate future.

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Cotiviti leverages the predictive power of data in responding to COVID-19

Learn the story behind how Cotiviti mobilized a pandemic response team to create a predictive COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker, which has accurately forecast areas of hidden outbreak in the U.S.

Health plan CMOs release COVID-19 clinical care principles

Chief medical officers for payers across the country have joined AHIP in publishing a list of clinical care principles for COVID-19 patients, including expanding access to alternative sites for care and diagnostic testing.

Cotiviti joins COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

Cotiviti has joined with other leaders in the healthcare industry to help combat the spread of the virus.

Cotiviti's COVID-19 Client Communications Center

Learn how we are responding to the pandemic to help our clients and their members, and visit our COVID-19 Client Communications Center.

COVID-19 FWA: What health plans need to know

As payers ramp up their efforts to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, it's important they stay alert of possible fraud, waste, and abuse schemes seeking to capitalize on the unique challenges of this pandemic.

Claim editing resources for health plans

Cotiviti has compiled a summary of the latest COVID-19 guidelines as a resource for health plans to quickly find the most relevant information needed to ensure payment policies are up to date.