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Selected by Forbes as 1 of 15 companies that are saving the world from COVID-19, our outbreak and health risk severity trackers help forecast which states and counties may be impacted in the immediate future.

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Q&A: Highmark's payment integrity director on new COVID-19 claim trends

Highmark director of payment integrity Drew Satriano explains the steps his organization has taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, including a troubling increase in telehealth claims with high-level E&M codes.

New Cotiviti map helps forecast COVID-19 health risk severity

Learn how Cotiviti's new COVID-19 health risk severity tracker indicates areas where populations are at greater risk of requiring hospitalization for COVID-19 due to the prevalence and management of comorbid conditions.

White paper: Five critical areas of focus for Medicaid plans amid COVID-19

The surge in Medicaid enrollment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may pose perhaps an unprecedented financial strain on Medicaid plans. Read our new white paper and learn the five critical areas that plans should evaluate to protect their members and their business in this environment.

Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on risk adjustment and quality scores

Read our blog to learn how health plans can use proactive telehealth and remote care strategies to help mitigate the potential negative impact of the pandemic on risk adjustment and quality measurement programs.

COVID-19 FWA: What health plans need to know

As payers ramp up their efforts to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, it's important they stay alert of possible fraud, waste, and abuse schemes seeking to capitalize on the unique challenges of this pandemic.

Claim editing resources for health plans

Cotiviti has compiled a summary of the latest COVID-19 guidelines as a resource for health plans to quickly find the most relevant information needed to ensure payment policies are up to date.

Cotiviti's COVID-19 Client Communications Center

Learn how we are responding to the pandemic to help our clients and their members, and visit our COVID-19 Client Communications Center.

Cotiviti joins COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

Cotiviti has joined with other leaders in the healthcare industry to help combat the spread of the virus.