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Top priorities for health plans revolve around improved quality, better cost management, incremental revenue generation, and a better consumer experience. All of these rely on premium member engagement—when members engage, everyone wins. It improves their health and satisfaction, as well as your quality ratings and profitability. But many health plans aren’t sure where to start or take a one-size-fits-all approach.  

of members engaged found Eliza outreaches helpful.


Rooted in behavioral science, Eliza delivers personalized relevant information to members at the right time, through the channels most likely to reach, inform, remind, and motivate them to act.


Eliza is a member engagement engine that motivates members to take meaningful action. We do this using a highly tailored approach, rooted in empathy and behavioral science. Communications are based in conversations with members that allow healthcare organizations to collect valuable member-reported information that cannot be found on a claim. This information feeds the development of robust member profiles, which can be analyzed and leveraged in future engagements to deliver an enhanced member experience. Combining technology with the proper data and analytics, as well as a clear user experience, Eliza is built to augment and improve, making it easy to implement and to scale.


The results speak for themselves. A recent analysis of gap closure for several Cotiviti clients found an average of:


higher rate in breast cancer screening


higher rate of colorectal cancer screening


increase in comprehensive diabetes care measures

Eliza benefits and features

Eliza's flexible solution suite helps healthcare organizations improve member engagement, resulting in:

  • Improved clinical outcomes. Eliza provides education and reminders for a variety of different care needs. From vaccinations, medication adherence, and preventive care to specialty care such as prenatal and postpartum or dental, Eliza has members covered. Engaged members close care gaps at higher rates, resulting in improved health outcomes.
  • Population insights. Elevate your population health management strategy by better assessing member health and experience to uncover rising risk populations, barriers to care, network access issues, and care diversion and transition opportunities.
  • Optimal consumer experience. Engage members and give them the support that they need. Keep patients informed with welcome programs, ANOC support, and telehealth education, while collecting satisfaction surveys, patient-reported health outcomes and experience, and more.

Eliza® is a registered trademark of Cotiviti, Inc.

A better member engagement engine

Eliza is specifically engineered to improve member engagement through the consideration of multiple factors, including:

  • Focus on the consumer. Get a member engagement solution based on insights gathered from billions of individual consumer interactions. With this data as a base, Eliza is built to source, integrate, and analyze consumer information to tailor personalized conversations.
  • Multi-channel communication. Communicate with members the way that they prefer. Eliza enables two-way engagements through any preferred combination of email, text, digital, live agent, mail, or automated phone communications.
  • Intelligent interventions. Make members more driven towards action—Eliza identifies unique motivations per individual as well as barriers to healthcare requirements and intervenes accordingly. Billions of data points have been collected to date and they grow 10% each month, fueling future insights.
  • Consistent communications across the member journey. Streamline engagement by working with a single vendor, reducing operating complexity and creating a cohesive user experience for the member.

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