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Retrieve the medical records vital to your business rapidly and with minimal burden

Life insurance companies

Your challenge

The life insurance industry relies heavily on the approval and underwriting of strong policies that are both profitable and long term. The ability to quickly gather accurate attending physician statements (APS) is crucial in closing policies.

What Cotiviti delivers

Cotiviti has a patented medical record retrieval process that is flexible enough for everyone to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized APS files through a secure online account. We service all stakeholders in the life insurance industry, including carriers, broker general agents (BGAs), and independent agents.

Law firms

Your challenge

Whether plaintiff or defense, law firms must continually balance aggressive litigation with the massive work behind discovery and case management. Medical record retrieval alone can be costly and daunting, yet these records can be the most important documents needed for strong cases. 

What Cotiviti delivers

Cotiviti has a patented medical retrieval system and a streamlined process designed to simplify the retrieval of records and eliminate the burden for law firms. Our solution allows an otherwise non-billable expense to become billable, and it is flexible enough for any legal professional to quickly order, track, retrieve, and view digitized medical records.

Training and experience for better results

A dedicated and experienced team is at the heart of Cotiviti Life and Legal. Each retrieval agent receives thorough training on our retrieval management software, provider relations, and chart retrieval best practices. All retrieval agents are also required to participate in ongoing training and certification. For example, agents are HIPAA-certified and re-certified annually.


Patented technology to reduce cost and effort

Our systems facilitate every process needed for the successful retrieval, storage, and exchange of medical records and health information, whether our team is working on your behalf or your own team is using our systems directly. Clients can custom-select the services and systems that best suit their unique needs.

Our retrieval system is a sophisticated web application that provides unlimited online access to all of Cotiviti’s retrieval tools and resources. With no software to buy or download, it’s as simple as signing up. The account is free, and you only pay for the records you request. Features include:

  • Command Center: Start your retrieval process by simply selecting “request records.” The system guides you, step-by-step, through the ordering process. High-volume record requests can be submitted through direct data feeds, electronic files, or custom imports. The Command Center also gives you access to completed records and online billing.
  • Retrieval process tracking: Track the progress of each record request in real time with detailed notes from our retrieval agents, receive automated alerts if further information is required, provide responses online, and download or view complete digitized records as soon as the record is available.
  • Real-time notes: View every note recorded by our team of experienced agents on each record request. If you need to ask a question or change a request, simply enter a note, and a retrieval agent will promptly respond.
  • Digitized records access: All retrieved medical records are digitized, associated to your request, and made available to view or download either directly through the website or via secure FTP connections. Cotiviti will continue to host records on our secured servers for continual access by any authorized party as designated by your organization. Records are available as PDF files, making them easy to share, organize, and store. Optical character recognition (OCR) is also available for easy keyword searching.

Easy-to-use workflow management tools for full visibility

Cotiviti’s scheduling and retrieval workflow system is at the center of our retrieval process, helping agents request, aggregate, digitize, and index patient clinical data quickly and accurately. Once a record is pulled, it is readily available from our central Medical Record Repository.

We track, store, and manage detailed information about each provider (e.g., contact information, hours of operation, retrieval methods, and record location, type, and contact detail) to ensure efficient retrieval.

Authorized client users can access our systems to track progress, check records, and approve excess copy fees. Cotiviti agents can quickly inform clients when any provider sites refuse to participate, enabling client teams to intervene to address barriers.

Partnerships with the best

Not only are our systems transparent and easy to use, they’re also integrated with some of the leading software solutions you already use.

TrialWorks and Needles

TrialWorks and Needles are two of the most trusted case management brands in the legal software industry. With a combined 55 years of operating history, these solutions have been developed by experienced legal and technology professionals who know your practice. Over 2,500 law firms rely on TrialWorks and Needles software to manage their cases, from intake to resolution.

To order medical records in TrialWorks or Needles, legal staff initiate a request, enter details such as the healthcare provider and date of treatment, and upload a scanned medical authorization form. The request is then automatically sent to Cotiviti, which retrieves, digitizes, and indexes the information. Legal staff can check the status of the request at any time or even cancel it directly in the software. In this manner, attorneys can submit high volumes of record requests with minimal effort, establishing billable and direct-bill expenses. In addition, having access to searchable records allows law firms to retrieve the medical information they need as quickly as possible.


iPipeline is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance and financial services industries. Through its SaaS-based new business acquisition platform, iPipeline accelerates and simplifies sales, compliance, operations, and support. Its innovative solutions enable automated processing for pre-sales, new business and underwriting, policy administration, point-of-sale execution of applications, post-sale support, data analysis, reporting, consumer delivery and self-service, and agency and firm management.

Through integrated applications, life insurance agents can select Cotiviti’s retrieval services from a drop-down menu, import client information directly from iPipeline, initiate APS requests, and receive status updates describing the progress of each request.

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