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Researching potential quality improvement partners can be time-consuming and tedious, so we thought we’d offer you a one-stop shop explaining how Cotiviti’s solutions can power better outcomes—for you, your providers, and your members.

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A jumble of software systems to support all your required quality measures

Quality Intelligence empowers you to measure and report HEDIS® and HEDIS-related metrics your way.

  • >200 measures and >23 measure sets in one solution
  • Fine-tuned chase logic to target the right providers, locations, and records
  • Full-service or self-service models to support your runs

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Lack of resources and support for improving Star Ratings

Star Navigator enables you to determine the most direct path to higher Star Ratings—and get there.

  • Updated measures, weights, and cut points each year
  • Tight integration with Quality Intelligence
  • Projected revenue generated by CMS bonus payments

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Low medical record retrieval rates

Cotiviti Medical Record Retrieval directly improves your HEDIS results while minimizing provider disruption.

  • Retrieval rates typically >90 percent
  • Provider weighting algorithms to avoid abrasion and unnecessary effort
  • Mine electronic medical record (EMR) systems for required information
  • Full transparency into retrieval status

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Recruiting and retaining qualified nurse abstractors

Cotiviti Medical Record Abstraction services deliver rapid, accurate abstraction of clinical data components that document the provision of compliant care.

  • >97 percent abstraction quality year after year
  • Rigorous training and QA for all team members
  • Scalable to meet your needs regardless of volume

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