Our clients’ needs

The many sources of opportunity

The retail business is an incredibly complex web of contracts, service agreements, purchases and promotions, pricing across online and offline channels, and relationships with suppliers and vendors. There can be thousands of touch points and millions of transactions, each one with the potential to impact profit. In an environment of intense price pressure and thin margins, there’s no room for error.

Spanning the entire enterprise is a single need: to ensure that what has been agreed to aligns with what actually took place. That’s where the retail-specific audit and recovery expertise of Connolly comes in. We look at our clients’ business from every direction, diving into complex data streams to find and capture value in places that are hard to reach.

Many Connolly clients call on us to analyze data that has already been audited, because they trust our ability to uncover more value that might have gone unnoticed. Our distinct audit methodologies, coupled with investments in proprietary technology, data mining and analytics are key contributors to this effectiveness.

infographic showing many sources of opportunity

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