Charitable Work Engenders Gratitude in Board and SLT in Advance of Meeting

Atlanta, GA – On March 9th a community service event was held as a prelude to the March Cotiviti Board Meeting. "I am truly amazed by these experiences; they are such meaningful events and remind me of how blessed I am," said Jonathan Olefson, General Counsel, adding that the group has held similar events in the past.

The group prepared and served lunch at two shelters run by My Sister's House that serve women and children. Many of those volunteering at the shelter have also participated in other Cotiviti Cares events, such as a recent Habitat for Humanity build. Cotiviti Cares was launched in November 2015 and participates in a variety of philanthropic and community service events ranging from clothing drives to tornado relief.

Lisa Craig, Director of Human Resources, said she had heard a lot about My Sister's House and found the experience of volunteering there very rewarding. "It was gratifying to serve lunch and prepare dinners for that night and the following night," she said. "I admire the Missions acceptance of people. Their mantra is to not pass judgment or try to "fix the individual" but instead focus on "helping people where they're at."

"It was great to get everyone out of the conference room," said Sara Epstein, Associate General Counsel, who also helped organize donated food into the food pantry. "It reminds us that what we do on a daily basis in the office or in the boardroom, as important as it may be, is not necessarily the most important thing we do with our day." She said events like this set the stage, changing the energy of the meeting by grounding people about what is important. "I also like the bonding opportunity this kind of event offers," she said. "You see a different side of people at a service event than you would see in the normal course of a business day."

Jon added, "When you participate in an event like this, you realize how fortunate we are not just to have great jobs and colleagues, but also to be in the incredible position we are in with our company and our growth. That is not the reality for most people." He added that the experience changed his perceptions of what homelessness is. "When you are there, you realize there is no single face of homelessness," he said. "Seeing the children was very humanizing."

In addition to the volunteer efforts, Cotiviti Cares also made a donation to My Sister's House to help pay for the food that was served by the group. In December 2014, the same group passed out hats, gloves, winter clothing and food for the homeless in New York City, which also occurred prior to a Cotiviti Board meeting.

Volunteers at Atlanta Mission

Volunteering at the My Sister's House community event on March 9 were (from left to right, front row):  Sara Epstein, Mike Sick, Damien Creavin, Valerie Usilton, Chris Pike, John Vitale, Jon Olefson, Lisa Craig (and from left to right, back row):  Ken Goulet, Tad Kendall, Steve Senneff, Mike Axt, Larry Connolly, Jamie Parisi, Kathy Parisi and Doug Williams. 


More about Cotiviti Cares: At Cotiviti, we believe in making a difference – helping to solve issues of broad social concern as well as working to strengthen our communities in which we live and work. Our corporate values also influence our culture and day-to-day business activity. Thus the company's new social responsibility program, Cotiviti Cares.

Cotiviti Cares provides a way for us to contribute as individuals and as a company. It also establishes a thoughtful, objective process for the company to approve colleague requests for contributions of money, goods and volunteer time.

Cotiviti Cares is an important venue for the company to live our values: We want our giving to have the greatest impact it can while also being consistent with our mission and personality characteristics. To this end, we have chosen to focus on two areas – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ("STEM") Education and Health and Human Services. These priorities directly influence the development of personal and social characteristics important to the work we do. Colleagues interested in learning more about the program can email